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Casey [userpic]
Fabric Badge icon
by Casey (edgecity)
at March 14th, 2006 (04:08 pm)

Today I'm going to show you how I got from this to this .

I started out with this lovely picture of Catherine. This isn't the original Cath pic; it's touched up and I'm going to show how I touched up later. But this is the source of the fabric CSI badge.

From this picture, I cropped just the badge part.
I took this crop and made the surrounding area the same dark color as the rest of Catherine's vest. Then I decreased the saturation by 42, increased the contrast by 15, and used the autofocus feature to get this:
Then I copied everything except for the badge and used the grayscale feature. I pasted it into a new window because using grayscale will flatten the image, that is, merge all the layers together. The result was this:
I duplicated the entire image (the other layers not including the last one) and put the previous grayscale on top of it so I could keep the layers with all my labels keeping track of what I'd done. This was the result:

After some resizing, sharpening, and increasing the contrast, I came up with two icons, which are available to anyone who wants them:

badge1 badge2