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Casey [userpic]
Retouching CSI Cath
by Casey (edgecity)
at March 14th, 2006 (04:46 pm)
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Here I'm going to show you how I got from
here to here .
Note that the images shown are smaller to save space on the flist; the link goes to the
original size (which will be less blurry than these small ones).

This is the original picture.
My first instinct was that it was dark and had a little too much blue, so I thought I'd try fill flash and reducing the midtones. That didn't work very well so I played around with the autofeatures, which is how I got to this image. I applied autolevels and autocolors once each, then increased the fill flash by +3 and applied the autofocus.
To get to this point I despeckled most of Catherine's arm, then duplicated the entire image, merged all the layers together, and pasted it on top (as I always do to maintain the leyers with labels of what I did in the individual layers). Then I used autocolor and decreased the blue highlights once in color variations.
Here I despeckled the more speckled parts of Cath's face (filters-->noise-->despeckle). After applying the autofocus to give the overall image a sharper look, I decreased the green shadows to get a more natural color.
This is to show where I cropped a duplicate of the image to Cath's body without the background. I used the polygonal lasso tool to accomplish this.
In a new window, I put the previous whole picture on top of the white background and decreased it to 50% transparency. Then I pasted Cath's cropped body on top of the background and merged the two layers together to get the final image. You like?


Posted by: Kiki (lapetite_kiki)
Posted at: March 14th, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)
Simply Kiki

Oh! Good work!

Posted by: Casey (edgecity)
Posted at: March 30th, 2006 07:15 am (UTC)


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